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« I believe that a hundred years from now, when people look back at the 20th century, they will view Bird, Miles and Dizzy, as our Mozart, Bach, Chopin and Tchaikovsky, and it is my hope that Qwest TV will serve to carry forth and build on the great legacy that is jazz for many generations to come. »‍
Quincy Jones, Qwest TV co-founder

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The Soul Rebels - Live at Jazz à Sète Festival 2012

The Soul Rebels, who the Village Voice described as "the missing link between Public Enemy and Louis Armstrong," assumes their full dimension on stage, when they are not simply walking the streets of New Orleans as one of the most popular brass bands.

Christian Scott - "The Centennial Trilogy"

One hundred years is long enough for a musical genre to capture the zeitgeist several times over; to rise and fall, to become stagnant, saturated and commodified. But at the helm of modern jazz, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah seems determined to rewrite the rulebook, driving it into ever newer territory.

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